Rajasthan Tour Package

Rajasthan tour package.

Rajasthan tour package

Indian Culture

Rajasthan tour package “Unity in diversity” – these don’t seem to be simple words, however, one thing that area unit extremely applicable to a rustic like Bharat that’s unbelievably made in culture and heritage. many quotations or statements cannot describe the pedestal that Bharat holds on to the planet map owing to its vibrant and distinctive culture. From the days of Mauryas, Cholas, and Mughals to the amount of geographic region, Bharat has perpetually been famed for its traditions and welcome. the heat within the relations and elation in celebrations create the country stand out distinctively within the world fraternity. Rajasthan tour package.

the country’s liveliness ANd generosity attract the variety of tourists to its spirited culture that is a consolidation of religions, festivals, food, art, crafts, dance, music and plenty of alternative delicate things. Everything, from the culture and values of customs, rituals, and traditions, is ‘special’ during this ‘Land of Gods’.Rajasthan tour package

With the United States at Tour My India, you’re bonded a fun-filled and unforgettable culture tour that matches your budget good while not having you to cooperation at any step. Avail up to five hundredth discounts on Rajasthan cultural travel packages booking with Aastha travels. Fill the inquiry type or conclusion United States for a lot of holiday deals and information on Rajasthan touristry..Rajasthan tour package

Visiting enthralling Rajasthan is habitually associate exciting expertise. Enriched with superb times past and culture, this thirteen days and twelve nights Rajasthan tour package are one among the glorious ways that to explore the country incredible thing about the desert. From the comfortable palaces of Udaipur to the big forts of Jodhpur, to the havelis of Jaisalmer to associate hunting journey at the Amber Fort in Jaipur, it’s one thing fascinating to supply to everybody. you’ll additionally get obsessed on the standard folk’s dance and music. Rajasthan tour package

Top Things to Do in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one amongst those states in Bharat which will cause you to fluster concerning wherever to begin from and wherever to finish, whereas deed none of the items left undone in their most anticipated visit to the present royal state. the various topography of Rajasthan and its culture offer a inordinateness of things to try to to attractions to examine here, right from visiting the grand forts and Palaces, to miraculous ancient temples and widespread Ajmer Sharif ki Dargah, and to not forget lots of fascinating commercial enterprise activities brought by the golden sand dunes of the state. Immerse yourself into the distinctive vacation expertise of desert tenting and relish the $64000 style of Rajasthan through musical puppet shows, ancient people dances, luxurious authentic meals; a fun stuffed night that ends with a comfy sleep below the starry sky. The artiodactyl and car safaris also are counted among few different fascinating things to try to to during this desert land of Rajasthan.

Udai Bilas Palace

The nineteenth century Udai Bilas Palace is called when a Maharana of Mewar and therefore the founding father of the town of Udaipur, Maharawal Udai Singh II. it’s engineered of native grey-green granite during a mix of Mughal and Rajput vogue and options circumstantially carven balconies, arches, and windows. Rising from the middle of the compound may be a fantastic four-storeyed marquee with densely carven friezes and cuspidated arches. the massive space on its prime story is embellished with several semi-precious stones. Palace is divided into 3 main sections – Raniwas, Udai Bilas, and avatar Prakash, additionally called Ek Thambiya Mahal. All square measure equally exquisite concerning design, however the foremost lovely amongst them is that the avatar Prakash, that with its ornate balconies, sculptured pillars, carven panels, and bracketed windows is that the finest example of Rajput design. Currently, the palace has born-again into a five-star edifice. thus if tourists would like to get pleasure from a luxury vacation, then they’ll book a keep within the palace.


The Lake Palace
One of the foremost romantic cities in Rajasthan, Udaipur is additionally called the town of lakes. The marble palaces fantastically ordered out gardens and also the lakes build Udaipur appear nearly sort of a mirage within the desert. Tour coming up with will be quite simple if you create the proper call of hiring Taxi/Cab/Car the simplest choice
The founding father of Udaipur, Maharana Udai Singh, was overcome by the misfortunes that his previous capital of Chittaurgarh had to face owing to recurrent attacks by the Mughal armies. On the recommendation of an angel, Udai Singh shifted his capital to the banks of Lake Pichola- the town was named Udaipur once him. Rajasthan tour package
This marble palace that appears to be floating on the Lake Pichola is beyond any doubt the most attraction of Udaipur. currently a luxury edifice, this palace will be accessed by boat from town palace that overlooks it.
Other attractions in Udaipur embody avatar Vilas, Lake Fateh Sagar, Sajjan Niwas and Gulab Bagh, Machchalaya Magra, Doodh Talai, Jag Mandir, and also the Bharatiya Lok Kala repository. Rajasthan tour package

The capital town has invariably been praised for its brilliant artifacts, exquisite jewelry, and cordial welcome. Moving south, you taste Rajasthan, a model of Asian nation with its forts, palaces, and temples, and therefore the mausoleum, however additionally its active markets and opportunities to recognize tiger. In India’s northeast corner, the city still exudes its colonial heritage during a landscape clothed with tea plantation. Rajasthan tour package

West coast urban center is an out of this world proposition – a hub of producing wherever you’ll wander among art group plan or through a swarming market. Down in India’s south, cruising Kerala’s backwaters on a reborn rice barge may be a fittingly relaxed thanks to embracing this region’s mellow approach to life. Our Bharat|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} specialists use their unexceeded expertise of India all told its wealthy selection to form excellent bespoken tours. Rajasthan tour package

Tourism: Another most vital revenue contributor to the state is the commercial enterprise and accounts for regarding V-day of the economy of Rajasthan. Rajasthan contributes regarding eleven.2 percent and three.3 percent share in India’s overseas and domestic traveler arrivals severally.

The Rajasthan government has brought down the posh tax from 100 percent to eight to spice up the profitable enterprise trade of Rajasthan. Then tempo soul rents Delhi is that the most authentic service supplier whom you’ll trust blindly. we’ve got been serving thousands of individuals since last a few years, and that we apprehend what you would like in your journey. Rajasthan tour package

Ranthambore parkland is understood worldwide for its tiger population and is taken into account by each wild lovers and photographers united of the simplest place in the Republic of India to identify tigers. At one purpose, as a result of cooking and negligence, tigers became extinct at Sariska, however, 5 tigers are resettled there.outstanding among the life sanctuaries square measure Mount Abu Sanctuary, Bhensrod Garh Sanctuary, Darrah Sanctuary, Jaisamand Sanctuary, Kumbhalgarh life Sanctuary, Jawahar Sagar sanctuary, and Sita Mata life Sanctuary. Rajasthan tour package

Rajasthan is known for its forts, engraved temples, and embellished havelis, that were engineered by Hindoo kings in pre-Muslim era Rajasthan.[citation needed] Rajasthan’s Jaipur Jantar Mantar, Mehrangarh Fort and Stepwell of Jodhpur, Dilwara Temples, Chittor Fort, Lake Palace, miniature paintings in Bundi, and various town palaces and haveli’s area unit a part of the beaux arts heritage of Asian country. Jaipur, the Pink town, is noted for the traditional homes manufactured from a sort of arenaceous rock dominated by a pink hue. In Jodhpur, most homes area unit painted blue. At Ajmer, there’s white marble Baradari on the Anasagar Lake. religion Temples dot Rajasthan from north to south and east to west. Dilwara Temples of Mount Abu, Ranakpur Temple dedicated to Lord Adinath in Pali District, religion temples within the fort complexes of Chittor, Jaisalmer and Kumbhalgarh, Lodurva religion temples, Mirpur religion Temple of Sirohi, Sarun Mata Temple kotputli, Bhandasar and Karni Mata Temple of Bikaner and Mandore of Jodhpur area unit a number of 

Royal Weddings

A wedding is special not just for 2 those who are united except for 2 families. it’s such celebrated with ample participation of family & friends. The bridge crosses the recent home and enters the new one and additionally signifies a brand new life, new family, and friends. Groom begin life contemporary with new hope, vigor and expect new bright future besides a brand new companion. It is started once the boy is planned by the girl’s folks and that they kindle his Jamanpatri(Horoscope) out of thirty-six Guns (qualities) of the potential bride and groom a minimum of twenty-four ought to match.

By Air: Jaipur is that the closest installation from Sariska at a distance 107-km. The place is well connected by Indian Airlines flights from the urban center (6:05, daily), Metropolis (15:30, daily) and concrete center (15:45, daily). Jet Airways jointly connects the metropolis and urban center to Jaipur through daily flights.

this is often done once each the approach of every alternative, the girl’s family sends her Jamampatri with yellow Sathiaa (square mark) on into the groom’s house. To consolidate and relationship the boy is given a silver coin, coconut and applied a ‘tilak (red dot auspicious mark )This custom is understood as Roka or godh. Rajasthan tour package

Once the engagement is fastened the ceremony of tikka is performed by each family. In India, nothing auspicious is completed invoking Ganeshji’s Blessings. the primary invite card is shipped to him for it’s believed that he can defend all from evil. Songs from integral elements of the occasion, they denote the happiness of the family and friends begin a few days before the marriage ceremony.

Haldi and tel (oil) are applied on the bridge, this starts before 3-5 days before for the marriage. it’s believed that these 2 along impart the special glow to the bride. There are sure songs in Rajasthan that meant particularly for these occasions .on the most day mother – in – law along worships the chalk that ( potters wheel ) for the happiness of the couple. Rajasthan tour package

 The ornament the venue consists of the lighted encompassing, floral gates at the entrances and Mandup (canopied platform on that the ceremony can perform) adorned with flowers and rangoli. The bride being applied with Mehendi ( Heena) style on her palms and feet wear the normal Rajasthani royal dress with Langa (long skirts) little shirt and Odhani.

 The groom wearing ancient Shervani ( long jacket ) Churidar ( wrinkled trousers ) Jooties (Rajasthani shoes ) and pancharangi ( 5 colors) Safa ( turban or headgear ) and weapon. the wedding commences with the groom’s party continuing to main entrances the groom is formed to sit down on an adorned horse or elephant.

 The Barat party ( wedding procession ) is LED by native band and musicians with complete marshal torches.On arrival the bridge father and relations, relatives and friends can receive the groom and Barat party. The groom touches the total (an auspicious decoration) on the door created by wood and flowers along with his swords.

 This signifies his conquest, symbolizing power and capability to guard. so Kalash Pooja ( associate degree auspicious pitcher )is done when the bride family greets the grooms family with Arti, Tikka, Garlands and escorts them within the venue, whereas shipping the drink the Milani & family greetings is completed whereby bridge‘s and groom’s relatives warmly greet and hug one another, there when initiate ( priest) announces the commencement of the wedding ceremony and also the bridge And grooms sit at the mandap. Rajasthan tour package

 The bridge loved one is invited to witness the ceremony that includes Indian customs like Pooja ( prayers) and singing of mantras ( non-secular hymns ) and follows by the ultimate phrase (seven rounds that are has done around the Vedi holy hearth ) of these rituals are primarily vowed of being along unto death. Rajasthan tour package


the $64000 fun starts throughout the phrase. once the groom’s shoes are a bone of competition between his relatives and also the bridge’s. whereas the latter is on the planning out for shoes in order that they will hide them and pinch some cash out of the groom, his relatives attempt to defend them, and this is often primarily to form a friendly atmosphere for all. a really fascinating customs is shifting of seven metal plates with the weapon by the groom. Rajasthan tour package

 The bride then tries to place them one on high of the opposite while not creating noise. it’s aforementioned a lot of noise a lot of fight within the life. this is often once a lifetime access Wedding CeremonySafa Ceremony01 Royal Biaggi go past 2 horses, the guest is seated  in the rear of the horse carriage For the relations, Wedding Procession

Arrival at Palace OR Garden

Royal welcome at the palace with Red carpet sick on the steps Torches lit up, embellished camels and horses, drum beaters, showering of flower petals and are tikka Garland by historically dressed up ladies.

The welcome fireplace works at the most entrance of the palace. Royal Chattar and Chanvar and shall greet them with Welcome Drink (Fruit Punch). we have a tendency to shall offer them the royal welcome with Dhol and Nagara and Sahanai :-On arrival of guest can|there’ll} be alive sahanai and table music royal Chattar and Chanvar suggests that a loud announcement of the bridge & is taken underneath a Royal Chattar (Umbrella) and Chanvar (Hand Fan) to the seating Venue (Gujrati Swing) with dhol and Nagara. Rajasthan tour package

The groom aspect can come back {along with|along aspect|in conjunction with|beside|at the side of|together with} the groom’s relations so there’ll be Toran Ceremony at the gate l the bride side will offer them Milni Malas (Rose/shrub to the grooms family members) Milani garlands & Jaimala. Rajasthan tour package

The glass of Indian wine on arrival

Exotic Flower Decoration at the marriage venue, floral decoration of mandap with some multi-colored rangolis Illumination of the Palace with Ferry lights and Amber lights within the laws.

The decoration of the venue by natural lights candles etc.

Priest and pooja materials

Bagpipe Music, Langas, Rajasthani Dances, hearth eaters and throwers, Puppet show and D.J. with flooring

Wedding banquet dinner at Garden includes drinking water, soft drinks, people dances & gala hearth works. Palanquin at the time of Bidai

(Departure time)

WISH THE BRIDE & GROOM an extended & terribly


City Palace Jaipur

Imagine a giant town right within the middle of the Jaipur! town palace is that the place wherever one will see forts, gardens, palaces, courtyards, etc. This place depicts the putting mix of Mughal and Rajasthan design. it is a Brobdingnagian complicated designed by Sawai Jai Singh II and occupies a minimum of 1/7th portion of the Pink town.

Masuria Hill Garden Jodhpur

Located atop Masuria hill amidst the Jodhpur main town, Masuria garden is one in every of the best and far-famed gardens of Jodhpur. Most putting feature of the garden is that from here one will see the gorgeous panorama of town. read of blue homes amidst the golden desert colors the cityscape. The garden is sort of in style amongst the devotees as a result of here one will see a centuries-old temple dedicated to cake Ramdev, a neighborhood divinity. additionally here one will see an exquisite sculpture of Veer Durgadas Rathore, a far-famed folks hero of Marwa. there’s an eating house set here that offers a surprising view of the town. Rajasthan tour package

Credence Travel has brought you Rajasthan tour package from Delhi. This includes a tour of 9 days to Rajasthan with Jodhpur and a 10-day tour package from Mumbai. Both the packages include Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur and an additional trip to Mumbai in the 10-day tour package. You will stay in a luxury hotel; will experience the variety of dishes followed by sightseeing as per the itinerary and a fresh walk. The tour is going to be very refreshing with a new group of people which includes an amazing breakfast and tasty dinner and a comfy bed at night. Rajasthan tour package

Rajasthan tour package has included everything in it like romance, royalty, spirituality, and nature, which will cover the State’s Capital Jaipur, Blue City Jodhpur, Marvelous Udaipur, which is the most exotic and Cheap  Rajasthan tour package you have ever experienced. You will get lost infamous Sahelion ki Bari Sahelion-Ki-Bari, folks Art Museum, City Palace, the largest palace compound in India and take a pleasant boat ride on the lake Pichola.

Enjoy the splendid moment watching the sunset in the sand dune of the Thar Desert with this cheap Rajasthan tour package. The very reveal of magnificent forts, decked out palaces, valiant rulers, and brave natives ring a bell in the mind – Rajasthan. Rajasthan tours will enable you to renew the romance of the yesteryears and remember the aura that was once an intrinsic part of its very existence. Through its huge wonders, its sand dunes, its medieval Havelis, and colorful traditions; this land still narrates a million tales. Rajasthan tour packages attempt to transport you to a never-never land.

Do you know? The ‘Pink City’ of Jaipur was named after Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II who founded the city on 18 November 1727. Jaipur along with Delhi and Agra forms India’s Golden Triangle. This is the most popular tourist circuit in India. This capital of Rajasthan is also an opportunity to other tourist places like Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Ajmer, Pushkar, Chittorgarh, Udaipur,  and Mount Abu in the state.

Rajasthan Tour Package 

Horse campaign
‘Rajasthan’ – the land of the Rajputs, is known for its kings, fearless warriors, and charming girls. it’s, in addition, acknowledged for its forts, palaces, and temples that unit a reminder of the tremendous past. Kingdoms were engraved. Horses were very priced Associate in Nursing a Hindoo person would offer one thing to possess an honest horse. care was taken to breed horses and to remain a clean and pure lineage.

In Rajasthan, the traveler will nowadays have the pleasure of riding through trails dotted and marked with cenotaphs and tombstones of the many brave and valorous Hindustani warriors. Trails that take them through villages, past large and ancient forts and temples. Nights are often spent in ancient palaces and Garhs (small forts) currently closely-held by the descendants of these superb Hindustani rulers.

These places not solely give fashionable amenities however cultural programs and amusement is additionally offered. Evenings area unit spent at campsites that area unit splashed with colorizing the shape of native folks dance and music. The results of many years of dedication and diligence helped turn out breeds similar to the Marwah, Kathiawadi and so the Indic, each having its own distinct characteristics and bred alone for the aim of war. These horses were noted for his or her stamina and fierce loyalty to their masters, these gallant steeds, the Rajputs became notable worldwide.


Each town of Rajasthan has its own charm, therefore, it becomes troublesome now and then to pick one over the opposite. However, if experiencing the grandeur of the state is what you’re once, then Udaipur is that the place to be. Our Udaipur travel packages square measure designed to suit the requirements of each quite vacation leave and might be tweaked as per your preference. Visiting the numerous attractions are often associate enlightening and culturally vivid expertise that is certain to leave you rejuvenated. begin with a visit to Kumbhalgarh Fort that is considered one among the foremost splendid forts within the region. Rajasthan tour package

The wall of the fort is regarding fifteen kilometers long and is claimed to be second largest once the ‘Great Wall of China’. The Fort conjointly incorporates a forest space called the Kumbhalgarh park wherever you get to examine leopards, panthers, wolves, nilgai, sambhars and four-horned antelopes. Visit the Udaipur Palace advanced for its exceptional repository and vintage automobile assortment.

. Places like Bagore ki Haveli and Shilpgram to expertise the art types of Rajasthan initial hand. Take a ship ride at Pichola Lake and Fateh Sagar Lake if you’re trying to relax. most significantly, don’t miss out on degustation fashionable dishes like laal maas and daal

Take a ship ride at Pichola Lake and Fateh Sagar Lake if you’re trying to relax. most significantly, don’t miss out on degustation fashionable dishes like laal maas and daal-bhati charm.All this will create a vacation that’s onerous to forget. therefore decide any of our varied packages and luxuriate in a visit which will be incised within.

the reminiscences forever from the wizard monuments of the city to the Jaipur’s enchanting field sites to world heritage sites of Agra, mutually with a mausoleum, this Odyssey offers the best cultural expertise in Bharat. it’s one among the foremost distinguished circuit tours in Bharat, that begin and finish at city wherever you’ll see stunning sights like Humayun’s place and therefore the Red Fort. Then it moves towards the south – Agra, that options crypt, Agra Fort, and Fatehpur Sikri. And additional, it’s on towards the west – Jaipur to explore the Pink town and therefore the fort at Amber.

The Golden Triangle Tour Package Here

Rajasthan Tour Package

Rajasthan Tour Package

11 Days – Jaipur Tour From Delhi

Duration : 13Days / 12Nights

Destination Covered: Delhi → Agra → Jaipur → Udaipur → Jodhpur → Jaisalmer → Delhi


♦ artiodactyl mammal ride on Sand dunes in Jaisalmer
♦ read the Taj Mahal at sunrise and sunset to check amendment in the color of the marble
♦ get pleasure from associate Elephant ride at the Amber Fort in Jaipur
♦ Visit the majestic fort of Jaipur
♦ ancient velocipede ride within the back streets and bazaars of Old Delhi
♦ Horse-drawn carriage ride to the Taj Mahal in Metropolis
♦ Visit the Maharana’s town Palace in Udaipur
♦ Boat cruise on picturesque Lake Pichola in Udaipur
♦ artiodactyl mammal ride on Sand dunes in Jaisalmer
♦ Visit India’s most important United Nations agency World Heritage Sites like Jantar Mantar Observatory in Jaipur; metropolis Fort & Fatehpur Sikri in Agra; Humayun’s spot, Red Fort complicated & Qutab Minar in Delhi and …. several different attention-grabbing sights listed.

within the elaborate itinerary.


Have no text to Arrive Delhi in the afternoon or evening/night, depending on flight schedules. Are you greeted at the airport and transferred to your hotel.k? Have no text to check? Click “Select Sample

Day 2.Delhi local 

Start your journey of unbelievable India with a visit to the recent walled town in the morning. Drive past the seventeenth century imposing Red Fort, take a standard pedicab ride within the back streets of Chandni Chowk marketing a rare style of things like., dress material, spices, jewelry & perfumes and savory food delicacies (parts of the Bazaar is closed on Sundays). From here you visit India’s largest house of worship, Jama place of worship. The incomplete distinction to the noise and crowds of the city, rules stairway, a straightforward and beautiful memorial to Gandhi.

Afternoon: Explore New Delhi, that could be a mix of ancient & pre-independence India. Visit the exquisite Humayun’s spot, in-built 1570 is of explicit cultural significance because it was the primary garden-tomb on the Indian landmass. looking at also will embody drive past the Lodhi Garden, Safdarjung’s spot, the elegant government buildings designed in a mix of Indian and European designs – the India Gate and Rashtrapati Bhawan, the Presidential Palace.

Day 3.Delhi to Agra

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haven’t any text to check? Have after breakfast, proceed on the drive to the city.

Arrive city in the afternoon and register to your building.

Afternoon: Visit City Fort, it’s 1st red arenaceous rock fort of the North Asian country was engineered by Mughal Emperor Akbar within the year 1565. Its royal audience halls, huge stone courtyards, marble house of worship and also the non-public royal chambers provide the U.S. a glimpse of the grandeur and talent for combining defensive design with beauty and style of the Mughal Empire.

From here visit the legendary Taj Mahal, one of all the Seven Wonders of the planet. The Taj Mahal was in-built from the year 1652 AD by the Emperor as a memorial to his beloved queen, Mumtaz Mahal. It took 22,000 expert craftsmen twenty-two years to make this spectacular white marble sepulcher. you’ll lodge in Taj Mahal till sunset to ascertain the white marble mirror the nuances of the dynamical lightweight from the sun.

Please note the Taj Mahal is closed for public viewing each weekday. just in case at the present time may be a weekday, then city looking are re-arranged at no additional charge in order that you visit Taj Mahal on Sat morning. text to check? Click “Select Samples”.

Day 4.Agra to Ranthambore

Early Morning: you are at leisure at your building with choice (no further charge) to go to the Mughal garden of Mehtab Bagh, that is found across from the mausoleum on the opposite facet of the Yamuna stream. relish a walk and examine the mausoleum from across the stream. conjointly visit the Itmad-Ud-Daulah, thought to be AN at hand precursor of the mausoleum. This memorial was inbuilt in the year 1628 by the Mughal Emperor Jehangir’s queen as a memorial to her father. just like the Taj, it’s amazingly tangled ‘Pietra Dura’ inlay and lattice marble screens. come to your building to wash & relax.

Check out from your building when breakfast and proceed on the drive to Ranthambore.

On the way, stop at Fatehpur Sikri, the deserted town. This one of the world’s most good ghost cities and a marvel of style and construction. it had been planned and built by Emperor Akbar, one among the foremost enlightened rulers of his time. inbuilt 1571, it’s a synthesis of the flourishing varieties of the Persian courts and also the prevailing Hindu monotheism trends. these days its pristine red arenaceous rock buildings area unit as good as after they were initial distinct.

The masterpiece of this exceptional monument is that the Jewel House of the Diwan I Khas. Architecturally extraordinary, the four doorways lead into one level area wherever a large central pillar lapidarian to baroque richness, supports a seat reached by mid-air walkways. when the tour, continue your journey to Ranthambore.Rajasthan tour package

Arrive Ranthambore within the evening and suss out your building.

Day 5.Ranthambore

Covering 410 sq. km, Ranthambore runs on the eastmost spur of the Aravali to the Vindhya ranges. At just once, Ranthambore was the person looking at grounds for the house of Jaipur before being declared a Sanctuary, and in 1972 was brought underneath the Project Tiger theme. The dry deciduous forest covers open valleys with lush vegetation around the lakes, and open grasslands within the higher slopes. This varied flora supports an oversized variety of animals together with a range of cervid, the bear, the back desert lynx, leopards and in fact, the tiger. the most effective tiger sightings are rumored from this park.

Today you may have 2 jungle safaris’ (morning & afternoon) within the park.

Important Points: 1- Ranthambore parkland has total ten jungle campaign routes that square measure open from 01st October to thirtieth June each year. throughout amount 01st Gregorian calendar month to thirtieth Sept solely route half dozen to ten in buffer (outside) zones square measure open for jungle campaign because of monsoon.
2- a replica of passport for all travelers is needed to book a jungle campaign. The original passport ought to be carried at the time of the jungle campaign for verification.

Day 6.Ranthambore to Jaipur

Morning: Visit the park to look at life for the last time on this tour. come back to your edifice to relax & get pleasure from facilities. Check-out from your resort by noonday.

After early lunch, proceed on the drive to Jaipur.

Arrive Jaipur within the evening and register to your edifice.

Day 7.Jaipur

Morning: A visit to the Amber Fort. It’s forbidding exterior belying a bejeweled interior whose richness reflects the luxurious kinds of the encompassing Mughal courts. associate degree Elephant ride takes you up to the fort and Jeep/Car brings you down the fort (Both ways that Jeep/Car ride choice available).

From here visit town Palace, a series of open courtyards, straightforward stables and buildings resulting in the richly adorned royal rooms. The deposit among the palace house a wonderful assortment of textiles, carpets, manuscripts, and costumes from the private assortment of the royal family; Hawa Mahal, additionally called the ‘Palace of Winds’ and also the fascinating Jantar Mantar Observatory is associate degree astronomical observation website inbuilt the first eighteenth century.

Day 8.Jaipur to Udaipur 

Breakfast at your building.

After breakfast, drive to Udaipur. we tend to suggest you get a packed lunch/snacks from the building, attributable to restricted feeding choices/rest stopover throughout this long journey.

Note: you have got the choice to go by air from Jaipur to Udaipur (flight value extra). If you like aviation on this sector then allow us to recognize at the time of booking, otherwise, we are going to book customary road travel service.

Arrive Udaipur in the late afternoon or evening and sign on to your building.


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don’t have any text to check? morning: Explore the romantic town of Lakes – Udaipur, with the palaces engineered around Lake Pichola and also the Aravalli Hills forming the scene. Visit Town Palace, the previous home of the Maharanas of Udaipur. an imposing study marvel, among the four walls area unit mosaics of peacocks, exquisite mirror work and exotic paintings. it’s a conglomeration of courtyards, pavilions, terraces, corridors, rooms, and hanging gardens. when traveling to Town Palace, you’ll visit the Sahelion Ki Bari – the Gardens of the Maids of the queen. The garden has several fountains in its four pleasant pools, chiseled kiosks, and marble elephants.

Later relish a ship tour of Lake Pichola associate degreed visit the attractive seventeenth-century Jagmandir Island Palace – a palace on an island in Lake Pichola. have no text to check? Click “Select Samples”.

Day10.Udaipur to Jodhpur

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haven’t any text to check? haven’t any text to check? Click “Select Samples”.Check out from your building when breakfast and drive to Jodhpur, Enroute stop at Ranakpur.

Ranakpur is one of all 5 necessary pilgrim centers for the religious belief community. Noted for its grandiose scale and elaborate ornamentation, of the 3 temples, the Adinatha is that the superlative. engineered by Daranshah in 1439, the temple is devoted to the primary Tirthankara of a saint. The whole, as well as the extraordinary array of 1144 pillars every distinct in style, engraved ceilings, and arches adorned with friezes representational process scenes from the lives of the religious belief saints, is fascinating. Rajasthan tour package

NOTE: No traveler guide services are allowed within the temple. If needed, you’ll rent Audio-guide from the Temple authorities.

Arrive Jodhpur within the evening and sign up for your building.

Day 11.Jodhpur to Jaisalmer

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don’t have any text to check morning: Visit the with competence named majestic Mehrangarh Fort, that dominates the skyline. Entered through gates, that bear the redolent handprints of the “Sati” queens ladies of the royal living quarters, UN agency took their own lives once their men were defeated in battle. The Fort encompasses a series of spectacular palaces, every embellished with exquisite engravings, lattice and mirror work.

Of specific note is that the deposit that exhibits an impressive assortment of royal memorabilia; we tend to stop to admire the sleek monument at Jaswant Thada, and browse within the bazaars of the previous town for Jodhpur’s renowned glass bangles, rugged “mojri” slippers and vivid tie and dye material. the realm around the bazaars could be a marvelous example of nineteenth-century urban planning, mixing Rajasthani ideas with a lot of modern designs.

Afternoon proceeds on the drive to Jaisalmer.

Arrive Jaisalmer within the evening and sign on to your building.k? don’t have any text to check? Click “Select Samples”.

Day 12. Jaisalmer

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haven’t any text to check? Have Morning: a Half-day tour of Jaisalmer town. The tour begins from “The Jaisalmer Fort”, in-built 1156 by Rawal Jaisal. The fort crowns eighty-meter high Trikuta hill. Still colonized, there are palaces and bazaars inside the fort walls. The Fort has ninety-nine bastions around the circumference. different attractions embrace Ganga Sagar Tank and depository, once the water of town, housing several little temples and shrines. a large sort of water birds flocks here in winter.

Also, visit the “Havelis” of Jaisalmer. flush merchants designed their exquisite homes with abundantly graven stone facades. The noted ones are the Patwon Ki Haveli, Hector Hevodidbon Singh Ki Haveli, and Nathmal Ki Haveli.

Late Afternoon: Drive to Sam Sand Dunes at a distance of roughly forty-five klick from the town of Jaisalmer. one in all the foremost enjoyable moments comes at the time of the sunset- a photographer’s delight. looking the sand dunes within the faint orange glow of the sun with the ballads of the legendary lovers taking part in within the background leaves you utterly inarticulate. The smooth sleek sands of SAM appear as if a tale out of the merchandiser of an urban center and artiodactyl mammal safaris are abundant trendy here. Rajasthan tour package

Mehrangarh Fort holds the pride of place in Jodhpur due to its grand design and also the various history related to it. thought-about collectively of the primary formidable and sumptuous forts of Rajasthan, Mehrangarh fort was engineered by Rao Jodha within the year 1459. The fort is cover up a neighborhood of five metric linear unit and is made on a hundred twenty-five m high hill within the outskirts of Jodhpur town.

There square calculate seven gates, which may be wont to enter the Mehrangarh Fort. These seven gates square calculate created by completely dissimilar rulers, and square computes inbuilt honor of triumph over Bikaner and Jaipur armies.

Enjoy a brief artiodactyl mammal back ride on sand dunes at the sunset.no text to check? Click “Select Samples”.

Day13. Jaisalmer to Delhi

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don’t have any text to check? don’t have any text to check? Click “Select Samples”.Check out from your building once early breakfast and proceed on the Jodhpur airdrome to board afternoon flight.

Arrive Old Delhi. you are greeted at the airdrome by our driver. Your vehicle and driver are at your disposal until your late evening/night departure transfer to the International airdrome. you’ll be able to visit Dilli Haat, a recent art, and crafts market that gives an exquisite assortment of Indian handicrafts. Rajasthan tour package

Evening: you are transferred to the International airdrome to board your flight to onward destination.

Our services finish here.

Deluxe single occupant price/person: $1780 $1486 SALE!

Deal Inclusions:

  • Hotel accommodation during a Double/Twin normal Guest area
  • Buffet Breakfast daily at the building
  • All transfers and tours by non-public cool Sedan automobile
  • Personal English speaking guide for looking at excursions in every town
  • Cycle-rickshaw ride through the traditional bazaar of the previous town
  • embellished Horse Cart Ride to the mausoleum in the urban center
  •  Elephant Ride failing automobile Ride at Amber Fort Palace in Jaipur
  • The representative for help in every subway town
  • Bottled water throughout looking at, day excursions and long drives
  • Road taxes, parking fee, fuel charges, interstate taxes
  • 24/7 on-tour help in the Asian nation

Deal Exclusions

International or Domestic fare (Internal flights average $100 every flight)
Personal Expenses (tips, porterage, phone, the internet, beverages)
Video Camera charges or skilled Still camera with stand
Travel insurance & Visa

Rajasthan like a true Indian state has enormous diversity in its culture – with various types of religions, traditions, music, dance, food dialects and costumes.

Rajasthan Tour Package



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