The following FAQ is just designed and intended to help and provide the information to people who are planning to visit India. However, they are not meant as the detail information on the road guide. For additional comprehensive information, you can embrace one of the best selling traveling guidebook written to help the foreign traveler.

1. When is the best time to visit India?

The fines amount to go to the Asian nation|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} depends on wherever you want to travel and what you want to try and do as India incorporates a various realm. The southern zones square measure the great destinations within the winter months (November to March), as temperatures square measure gentle and game viewing within the national parks, are the most effective choices. relatively winter temperatures within the north might become harsh, however, this is often a wonderful time for bird looking at, because the migrant species arrive during this amount. Summer weather (April to June) within the south is gentle and this is often the right time for a beach vacation or cultural tours during this region. Whereas within the north region, summers square measure a wonderful time to go to the Himalaya. though the temperature is high, summer is taken into account a decent time for game viewing.

2. Is the country safe to travel?

India is as secure as the other foreign location you visit for the primary time. Indians area unit terribly hospitable and useful folks. Moreover, we are going to be there to require care of you in each step of your approach and to instruct bound basic precautions. find it irresistible could be a superb plan to lock up your spare currency, traveler’s cheques, passports, and precious jewelry within the edifice safe. Moreover, remember whereas walking around alone at late night, notably within the deserted areas or tiny cities as a result of everything closes early. If potential, avoid move late night and ne’er leave your baggage unattended at the airdrome or train depot.

3. Do your company have airport pick up and drop up facilities?

 Definitely, we’ve aerodrome obtain and drop up facilities for our purchasers United Nations agency have reserved our full packages tour. we have a tendency to are happy to tell you that we have a tendency to don’t charge for the obtain and drop up facilities. truly it’s freed from price. except for this, you wish to produce the time of arrival and date.

4. What is a customized itinerary?

In brief, a custom itinerary is associate degree itinerary ready in step with your personal wants. After all, you’d have requested this to the North American country as a part of the method of customization. Your specific interest, preferences and desires area unit weighted with our information of supply and highlights of the world.

5. What clothing should I pack when traveling to India

In the hot Indian summers, we have a tendency to suggest lightweight cotton tiptop, shorts, and trousers. If you’re the motion to any of India’s national parks, bear in mind to pack some long-sleeved cotton tiptop for game drives. within the cold winter months, the temperature might drop drastically, thus heat vesture would be essential. As Indian landscape is numerous we have a tendency to advise to incorporate the garments by taking care of the weather and temperature of the realm on the actual season. Besides, once visiting nonsecular monuments and shrines you’ll dress formally, thus each man and girls ought to pack some long skirts and pants.

6. What currency is used in India and where can I exchange money?

The Indian currency is that the rupee, that is created of one hundred subunits. Major currencies like U.S. bucks, British pounds, and Euros are simply changed throughout India. Most international airports of the country have the cash exchange counters, and conjointly some designated larger hotels and resorts have this facility to their client.

7. Where can I find an ATM in India?

ATMs connected to the international networks area unit settled within the main cities, similarly as an associate increasing range of the smaller cities. But, certify that you just have a four-digit PIN code for your card, as Indian ATMs need this.

8. Should I need to tip and how much should I give?

Usually, a charge is mechanically added to the bill within the most holidaymaker hotels and restaurants. If it’s not, the typical tipping normal is often 100% of the bill. it’s customary to tip bellboys, porters, guides yet as taxi drivers.

9. Do I need to take any medical precautions before traveling?

You may take protozoal infection prophylactics or have another vaccine like poliomyelitis, typhoid, soon before you travel. however, before you propose one thing we tend to powerfully suggest that initial you visit your doctor a minimum of four weeks before the date of the departure. For up-to-date data concerning vaccination and medical precaution ought to be performed before hitting the Indian street Please undergo

10. What is the electricity supply in India and what plugs are used?

The electricity offer is 230 – 240 potential unit, with 3 spherical pin plugs. Most western guests would require AN adapter. If you intend to travel loads within the future, it’s higher to urge a mixture voltage device and a plug adapter.

11. Will I be able to access the internet?

Internet connections square measure out there within the most half and places of India and square measure fairly quick, except in some additional remote rural areas. Wi-Fi access is accessible at the most sensible hotels and a growing range of cafés within the larger cities.

12. Is India a good destination for the family traveler?

With its several numerous landscapes and attractions, Republic of India is the associate admirable destination for the family person. a number of the great choices square measure beach holidays and life adventures within the national parks, whereas several monuments have sight and light-weight shows that may capture children’s imagination. For teenagers, the various outside activities, like artiodactyl expedition and trekking, square measure associate illustrative card. while not the second thinking, the large challenge for families move during this country may well be the distances that require to be coated between cities. air and railway journeys square measure typically the foremost snug kinds of traveling, and square measure powerfully suggested to those with the young kids.

13. How clean are the hotels?

India’s 5 and 4-star buildings square measure just about like every prime quality western building and lots of them square measure the western hotel chains. on the other hand, the standard drops dramatically to a few star hotels.

14. What kind of food will I be able to eat in India?

Indian preparation has many variations, with every region far-famed for its own techniques, ingredients, and spices. In northern regions, meat dishes square measure extremely popular, that square measure sometimes created with chicken, mutton or lamb whereas in southern half eater preparation is most favored. additionally, food is additionally pronto accessible, significantly at the coast. whereas Indian preparation tends to be spicy, most restaurants can lief prepare a milder variation of the meals on the request of their client. the majority restaurants supply the western dishes in most cities and cities and huge centers like metropolis and urban center serve a large choice of preparation from Indian to Mediterranean and Chinese to even Mexican.

15. What type and standard of accommodation will I encounter?

By now, accommodation choices throughout the Asian country became very various from snug home stays and social group huts to superb heritage mansions and prince palaces thanks to its varied landscape. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Gujarat to Assam, there exist totally different cultures, tradition, languages, life designs, and cuisines. This selection is more and more replicated by the various kinds of accommodation out there in the Asian country, starting from the simplicity of native guest homes and government bungalows to the lavish luxury of royal palaces and 5-star deluxe building suites among that some square measure chain to the international normal building.

16. Is the tap water safe to drink in India?

It’s best to avoid drinking the faucet water. drinking water is well obtainable, however, it’s an honest plan to see that the seal on the bottle is unblemished or not before you get it. In each space for the tourists packed drinking water is suggested. Though, native brands also are obtainable however it’s suggested to use some well-liked and major brands like Bisleri, greenish blue one hundred and Kinley to save lots of you from the unwelcomed drawback.

17. Is it good enough to take photos everywhere in India?

Basically taking snaps of some situation won’t reward any downside however once taking photos of anyone or any places, particularly of girls it’s suggested to require permission previous really taking. perpetually grant for the request before taking photos at a spiritual website or ceremony, or of individuals bathing on the watercourse banks. it’s prohibited to photograph military installations, which might embrace some the train stations, bridges and airports additionally.

18. Is there anything I need to know about visiting religious sites?

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