Uttarakhand, a state in northern India crossed by the Himalayas, is known for its Hindu pilgrimage sites. Rishikesh, a major centre for yoga study, was made legendary by the Beatles’ 1968 visit. The city hosts the evening Ganga Aarti, a spiritual get-together on the sacred Ganges River. The state’s forested Jim Corbett National Park shelters Bengal tigers and other native wildlife.

Earned the category of ‘State’ in the year 2000, Uttarakhand, which was previous a part of Uttar Pradesh, is famous for its charming beauty and pilgrim centre. If you are connected with religious beliefs, you may be keen to visit the place for its spirituality and if you are a nature lover, you will find mysticism in the rich expanse of endless natural beauty here.

Top 5 Best Place In Uttarakhand


Rishikesh is a combine of harmony and exciting activity. Its locality at the flowing together of River Ganges and River Chandrabhaga and views of impressive hills and different adventurous tricks such as trekking, rafting and camping entrance nature lovers; the tranquillity of the place with the import attached to it as a pilgrim centre touches the soul of pilgrims.


Mussoorie, the ‘Queen of Hills’ is beauty incarnate. With snow-covered Himalayan peaks on view, the land plentiful in natural beauty has an excellent environment too. The winters are chilling and the summers are enjoyable. The beauty of the place enthralled Captain Young of the British army who complete this place his residence in the year 1820.


Haridwar is also called as the ‘Gateway to the Lord’ thanks to a huge number of temples and ashrams situated here. The city is measured holy and hence pilgrims from a selection of parts of the world travel to the place to offer their prayers.


Nainital, In particular, referred to as the ‘Lake District of India. at 1938 meters above sea level, is a beautiful delight that would be attractive to any tourist. It is situated around the famous Naini Lake in a valley.



Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand, is located at Himalayan foothills. The environmental location of Dehradun is pretty with Himalayan ranges in view and River Ganges and River Yamuna on both side of the city. Natural beauty apart, the place is well-known for the impressive architectural display by some of the ancient constructions.

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