Royal Rajasthan

Royal Rajasthan

Royal Rajasthan

Royal Rajasthan India’s golden triangle could be a tourer circuit that connects the metropolis urban center, city, and Jaipur. The Golden Triangle has thus known as-is a result of the triangular form fashioned by the locations of latest urban center, city, and Rajasthan on a map. The visits sometimes begin in urban center moving south to the positioning of the mausoleum at the city, then west, to the desert landscapes of Rajasthan. it’s unremarkably potential to try to the trip by coach or personal journey through most tour operators. Royal Rajasthan

The Golden Triangle is currently a well-traveled route providing a decent spectrum of the country’s completely different landscapes. The circuit is regarding 720 klicks by road. every leg is regarding four to six hours of drive. The Shatabdi specific train additionally connects the urban center with city and Jaipur. Royal Rajasthan

Akbar’s topographic point at Sikandra

4 kilometers from the city is Akbar’s topographic point at Sikandra that is a superb example of assimilation of various types of design and it represents a big departure from the sooner Mughal buildings. The topographic point carries the characteristic flavor of the ethereal bed pavilions of the city Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. From the days of Mauryas, Cholas, and Mughals to the amount of geographic region, Bharat has perpetually been famed for its traditions and welcome. Delhi Agra Jaipur Tour Package the. The capital town has forever been praised for its splendid artifacts, exquisite jewelry, and cordial welcome. Royal Rajasthan

The artiodactyls parade begins with a vibrant procession of decked camels against the red erinaceous rock scenery of the Jamnagar Fort, the recreation advances to the open sand-spreads of the grounds, followed by the most effective breed competition, the tug-of-war contest, artiodactyl dance, and acrobatics, etc. Embark on an educational odyssey of Bharat with our finely crafted golden triangle tour packages. you may as well modify your tour to knowledge the Bharat as you would similar to it. simply fill within the inquiry variety of choice one among our journey well-informed to set up your holiday in Bharat.Royal Rajasthan

Royal Rajasthan

The land of sand dunes, legendary forts and luxury palaces, Rajasthan attracts an outsized range of tourists from everywhere the world. The forts and palaces portraying the enriching history of the varied clans is that the one 1/2  Rajasthan, whereas the second is all regarding the agricultural flavors of the state.

This historical town stands two hundred metric linear unit south of latest Delhi, on the banks of watercourse Yamuna. Over 3 centuries agone, it had been a robust Mughal capital and therefore the most vital town of northern Bharat. it had been at this point that Agra’s several dateless beaux arts wonders were born: the tremendous mausoleum, the impressive Agra Fort, and therefore the sprawling Sikandara – a full town in itself. About RajasthanRajasthan that is additionally referred to as the “Land of Maharajas” is that the largest state of India, covering a section of concerning 342,239 sq. km. It includes thirty-three districts and its largest town is Jaipur, that is additionally its capital. Royal Rajasthan

One factor that catches the attention whereas surfing the Rajasthan travel guide is that the urban areas of the state that have imperishable reference to the culture and tradition. There still exist the range of fairs and festivals that remember age- previous traditions and rituals. The flamboyant manner during which even the oxen fairs happen in holidaymaker places like Pushkar and Nagaur is actually one thing to lay eyes on.

About Agra-:

This historical town stands two hundred metric linear unit south of latest Delhi, on the banks of watercourse Yamuna. Over 3 centuries agone, it had been a robust Mughal capital and therefore the most vital town of northern Bharat. it had been at this point that Agra’s several dateless beaux arts wonders were born: the tremendous mausoleum, the impressive Agra Fort, and therefore the sprawling Sikandara – a full town in itself.

Charms are mounted around the neck and waist and a knife put out her pillow at midnight to avert the look. She isn’t allowed to travel for close to mahua, chakra or khejara tree wherever spirits are believed to reside. it’s customary that the girl returns to her folks well in time for her initial delivery. Festivities begin and ladies assemble to sing songs specially meant for such an incident, some describing the dynamical behavior and feeling of a pregnant lady. Sariska life sanctuary is about off the Delhi-Alwar-Jaipur Road. Sariska is well connected with Alwar,

There are several charming meadows, dense forests, crystal lakes, waterfalls and rivulets winding through the rural area. one in every of the recent eat heap ranges of the globe, the Aravallis, extending from northeast to south-west have some beautiful wooded area areas. Mount Abu, concerning 1300 mts. on top of the water level is a perfect venue.

Indian Culture

“Unity in diversity” – these don’t seem to be simple words, however one thing that area unit extremely applicable to a rustic like Bharat that’s unbelievably made in culture and heritage. many quotations or statements cannot describe the pedestal that Bharat holds on to the planet map owing to its vibrant and distinctive culture. From the days of Mauryas, Cholas, and Mughals to the amount of geographic region, Bharat has perpetually been famed for its traditions and welcome. Royal Rajasthan

the heat within the relations and elation in celebrations create the country stand out distinctively within the world fraternity. The country’s liveliness ANd generosity attract the variety of tourists to its spirited culture that is a consolidation of religions, festivals, food, art, crafts, dance, music and plenty of alternative delicate things. Everything, from the culture and values to customs, rituals, and traditions, is ‘special’ during this ‘Land of Gods’.

Nahargarh Fort

Built in 1734 AD by maharajah Sawai Jai Singh II, Nahargarh Fort at the side of Amer and Jaigarh forts accustomed kind a crucial defence ring for town. settled on one in every of the oldest hills of Aravalli, this fort offers breath-taking views of the Pink town.

There square measure several buildings and structures at intervals Nahagrah fort. there’s a temple within the fort, dedicated to the Rathore blue blood, Nahar Singh Bhomia. Another attraction within the fort is that the Madhavendra Bhawan engineered by Sawai Madho Singh and Diwan-I-Aam, AN open enclosure wherever the king met the common men and listened to their issues and complaints.

History of Rajasthan 

Rajasthan is located in the north-western a part of the Asian country, said because of the Desert Jewel of the Asian country. A vibrant, exotic state wherever tradition and royal glory meet in a very riot of colors against the immense scene of sand and desert.first of all These forts and palaces square measure celebrated for the samples of marvelous design and reminds of a Brobdingnagian heritage of Rajasthan.

The endless desert reigns and also the intensely designed and forts add curiousness to go to. the key forts and palaces of Rajasthan that square measure additional engaging square measure Amber Fort, Chittorgarh Fort, Town Palace, Hawa Mahal, Junagadh Fort, Mehrangarh Fort, Sonar Kila, Nagra fort, Jaigrah Fort etc.Royal Rajasthan

The Aravali chain of mountains that is unfolding in between the zones and also the wherever the mountain ranges square measure the pleasant one to go to. the hill station of Mount Abu provides the simplest scenery read from this vary. The Rajasthan history dates back to over concerning 5000 years and also the mythological origin of this history makes a wider impression within the minds of the traditional.

Medieval and fashionable society.
Many historic wars are fought during this land of Rajasthan wherever several rulers have dominated. The regions like Nagaur, Ajmer, Ranthambhore wherever several worries have created the family line and also the chivalry and lots of brave troopers, as well as amphibian genus Uday Singh, amphibian genus Pratap, Bappa Rawal, amphibian genus Kumbha and Prithviraj Chauhan et al., were a part of Royal Rajasthan history.

Neemach Mata Temple Udaipur

This shrine is devoted to Neemach Mata Hindu deity. there’s conjointly Associate in Nursing idol of Lord Ganapati and 3 west-facing lions made from stone. The temple is found on the highest of an inexperienced hill within the Dewali and spellbinds each holidaymaker with the perspective of Udaipur town.

Laxmangarh Fort Shekhawati
Laxmangarh could be a widespread traveler destination in Rajasthan. it’s home to the grand Laxmangarh fort and tiny mansions with frescos and deities on walls. Laxmangarh fort was engineered on the Hill in 1862 by Laxman Singh, Rao Raja of Sikar.

There square measure several mansions in Laxmangarh, specifically the Sawant Ram Chokhani Haveli, Bansidhar Rathi Haveli, Sanganeria Haveli, Mirijamal Kyala Haveli, Char Chowk Haveli and Kedia Haveli. there’s noted temple, i.e. The Radhi Murlimanohar temple, made in 1845 and embellished with stunning sculptures and frescos. There square measure various Haveli’s within the city, specifically, The Radhi Murlimanohar temple, made in 1845, is widespread for the attractive sculptures of deities on the wall.

Royal Rajasthan


♦ conventional cycle rickshaw walk in the back streets and bazaars of old Delhi
♦ the vision of the Taj Mahal at sunrise and sunset to see modify in the color of the marble
♦ Horse-drawn carriage be carried to the Taj Mahal in Agra
♦ like an Elephant ride at the Amber Fort in Jaipur
♦ the trip to the majestic fort of Jaipur & Jodhpur
♦ the trip to the Maharana’s City Palace in Udaipur
♦ Boat cruise on picturesque Lake Pichola in Udaipur
♦ trip India’s most significant UNESCO World Heritage Sites fo, for example, tar Mantar Observatory in Jaipur; Agra Fort & Fatehpur Sikri in Agra; Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi and …. many other interesting sights scheduled in the detailed itinerary for Royal Rajasthan.

                                                                Itinerary Details
Day 1: Old Delhi –
After arrival at Old Delhi airdrome, Our representatives facilitate helping you to at least one of our listed hotels. arrival at the edifice. long keep within the edifice.

Day 2: Old Delhi – Samode –
In the morning once breakfast, proceed to a guided tour of Old Delhi. the most important traveler attractions of Old Delhi cowl Asian country Gate, the Jama house of worship, Humanyun spot, Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Birla Mandir and President’s House. within the evening return Red Fort to witness a powerful light-weight and sound show. within the evening come to the edifice for long keep.

Day 3: Samode – Jaipur – Nawalgarh –
Next morning, begin for Nawalgarh. Stop middle thanks to visiting Jaipur. the most important traveler attractions of Jaipur embrace Jal Mahal, Jaigarh Fort, Central depository and Birla Mandir. Later within the day get pleasure from associate degree excursion to Amer Fort seating on the rear of associate degree elephant. conjointly visit town Palace beside the Royal Observatory and Hawa Mahal. once the visit, drive to Nawalgarh. On reaching Nawalgarh, arrival at one amongst our listed hotels. once resting and reposeful for a short while, began to go to the most important traveler attractions of Nawalgarh as well as Roop Niwas Palace, Ganga Mai Temple and also the British tower. come to the edifice for associate degree long keep.

Day 4: Nawalgarh – Mandawa –
On the subsequent morning post breakfast drive to Mandawa. Mandawa could be a little lovely city best-known for its lovely forts and have lives. On reaching Mandawa, arrival at one the pre-booked edifice. once resting associate degreed reposeful for a short while moving out on an excursion to the glorious Mandawa Haveli.

The in an elaborate way painted walls of this place and also the elaborate work can delight you to the fullest. a number of the opposite common havelis that has to be visited embrace the Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli, Goenka Double Haveli, Murmuria Haveli, Jhunjhunwala Haveli, Hanuman Prasad Goenka Haveli and also the Mohan Lal Saraf Haveli. get pleasure from an associate degree long lodge in the edifice.

Day 5: Mandawa – Bikaner –
In the morning once breakfast drives straight to Bikaner- “The even-toed ungulate City”. Upon arrival at Bikaner, get accommodated in one amongst our listed hotels. once reposeful for a short while within the area proceed for a full day excursion to a number of the most important traveler hotspots covering rule rattan Sanskrit temple, Junagarh Fort, Rasik Shiromani temple and also the Karni Mata Temple. get pleasure from comfy night lodge in the edifice.

Day 6: Bikaner –
Post breakfast, proceed to go to Bhand Sagar temple. The temple is known for its lovely interiors, wall paintings, and art. Bhand Sagar homes a gaggle of Jain and Hindu temples, that area unit among the oldest edifices within the town of Bikaner. in the evening you’ve got the choice to get pleasure from like even-toed ungulate riding, village car safaris, birds look, and village walks. keep the night within the edifice.

Day 7: Bikaner – Jaisalmer-
On the seventh day of the tour leave Bikaner to succeed in Jaisalmer by road. within the morning once associate degree early breakfast, leave for Jaisalmer by the surface. The Jaisalmer town is dotted with an oversized range of traveler attractions. On reaching Jaisalmer, arrival at one amongst our listed hotels. The day is to be spent at leisure. during the evening visit the Jaisalmer Fort- a dominant structure between the sand. Retire for the night at the edifice.

Day 8: Jaisalmer –
Next morning once breakfast, commence a guided tour to Jaisalmer. the most important traveler attractions of Jaisalmer embrace Trikuta hill, Suraj political leader or Sun Gate Jain Temples, Bada Bagh, Government depository, lore depository and also the Amar Sagar Lake. pay the remainder of the day at leisure. come to the edifice within the evening for the long lodge in the edifice.

Day 9: Jaisalmer-
After breakfast, commence a guided tour of the town. Jaisalmer is additionally revered for its havelis. Pay a visit to Andres Martinez Jemaah Islamiyah Ki Haveli and Nathmal ki Haveli that area unit most hanging amongst the opposite havelis. within the evening you’ve got the choice of witnessing the Gadsisar Lake watch migratory birds from shut quarters or Witness associate degree exotic sunset against the surface-to-air missile sand Dunes on an even-toed ungulate ride. get pleasure from a snug long lodge in the edifice.

Day 10: Jaisalmer – Jodhpur –
Early within the morning leave for Jodhpur by the surface. Jodhpur- “The Sun City”. the town is given with attractive and scenic landscapes. On reaching Jodhpur, arrival at one amongst our noncommissioned hotels. once taking some rest, commence associate degree excursion to lovely forts and palaces as well as Jaswant Thada, rule Hindu deity Bag Palace, Mehrangarh Fort and also the Umaid Bhavan Palace. long lodge in the edifice.

Day 11: Jodhpur – Ghanerao –
After breakfast, explore the govt depository and also the lovely Umed Garden until afternoon. after coming to the edifice for lunch. Later in the day, drive to Ghanerao. Ghanerao could be a typical Rajasthan village region wherever one get pleasure from the numerous flavors of a rural Asian country. On reaching Ghanerao, arrival at one amongst our listed hotels. keep the night at the edifice.

Day 12: Ghanerao – Ranakpur –
Next morning, drive straight to Ranakpur to go to the noted Jain Temple. This temple inbuilt fifteenth century consists of two hundred pillars that give support to the twenty-nine halls of the temple. On the means, if time permits conjointly visit the Kumbhalgarh Fort, Badal Mahal, Vedi temple, Parshuram temple and also the Neelkanth Mahadeo temple at Kumbhalgarh. get pleasure from an associate degree long lodge in the edifice.

Day 13: Ranakpur – Udaipur-
On a subsequent day once breakfast, drive straight to Udaipur- “Venice of the East”. As you reach Udaipur, arrival at one amongst our noncommissioned hotels. Rest and relax for the day. within the evening get pleasure from boat ride at the Pichola Lake. conjointly visit the Lake Palace, one amongst the best samples of subject field and cultural marvel. keep the night within the edifice.

Day 14: Udaipur – Deogarh –
Post breakfast, drive straight to Deogarh. As you reach Deogarh, arrival at one amongst our listed hotels. the most important traveler attractions of Deogarh embrace Deogarh Mahal and also the Dashavatar temple. The Dashavatar temple is dedicated to Lord Hindu deity and belongs to the Gupta amount once it had been referred to as the Panchayatan temple. come to the edifice for dinner and long keep within the evening.

Day 15: Deogarh – Jaipur – Kanota –
Post breakfast leaves Deogarh to succeed in Jaipur. once reaching Jaipur proceed to jump facet of Kanota. On reaching, register at one amongst our listed hotels and unwind. Kanota could be a conglomeration of seven villages within the Jaipur District of Rajasthan. It represents rural Rajasthan at its best. it’s one amongst the leading traveler destinations and is completely gratifying. keep the night at the edifice.

Day 16: Kanota – urban center –
Next morning post breakfast, you will commence a guided tour of the urban center fort and also the Palace of Jodha Bai. Later within the day visit different major traveler attractions like Fatehpur Sikri & Itmad-ud-Daula’s spot. in the evening you will take a leisurely walk to the urban center market to shop for things for your shut ones and produce back the fond recollections of the town.

Day 17: urban center – Old Delhi –
On the Judgement Day of the tour fight to Old Delhi. Stop midway at Sikandra to go to the spot of Emperor Akbar. once the visit, continue to drive to Old Delhi. As you reach Old Delhi, arrival at your pre-booked edifice. Rest and relax until evening in your chamber. within the evening get pleasure from a farewell dinner, before being transfer to Old Delhi airdrome to board a flight for your onward journey.

Deluxe single occupant price/person: $1980 $1790 SALE!



Hotel accommodation in a Double/Twin Standard Guestroom

Buffet Breakfast daily at the hotel

All transfers and tours by private Air-conditioned Sedan Car

All entrance/admission fees to monuments and sights


Cycle-rickshaw ride through the ancient bazaar of Old City

Decorated Horse Cart Ride to the Taj Mahal in Agra

Elephant Ride failing Jeep Ride at Amber Fort Palace in Jaipur

Boat ride (sharing) on Lake Pichola in Udaipur

Personal English speaking guide for sightseeing excursions in each city

Bottled water during sightseeing, day excursions and long drives

The representative for assistance in each Metro City

Road taxes, parking fee, fuel charges, interstate taxes

24/7 on-tour assistance in India


International or Domestic Airfare (Internal flights average $100 each flight)

Personal Expenses (tips, porterage, phone, the internet, beverages)

Video Camera charges or Professional Still camera with tripod

Travel insurance & Visa

PRICE 1870 $ 

LAND PRICE for Royal Rajasthan in US Dollar (USD) – Per Person on Double/Twin share

Royal Rajasthan




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