Agra-Jaipur tour package

Agra-Jaipur tour package

Agra-Jaipur tour package

About golden triangle

India’s golden triangle could be a tourer circuit that connects the metropolis urban centre, city and Jaipur. The Golden Triangle has thus known as-is a result of the triangular form fashioned by the locations of latest urban centre, city and Rajasthan on a map. The visits sometimes begin in urban centre moving south to the positioning of the mausoleum at the city, then west, to the desert landscapes of Rajasthan.Agra-Jaipur tour package

it’s unremarkably potential to try to the trip by coach or personal journey through most tour operators. The Golden Triangle is currently a well-traveled route providing a decent spectrum of the country’s completely different landscapes.[1] The circuit is regarding 720 klicks by road. every leg is regarding four to six hours of drive. The Shatabdi specific train additionally connects the urban centre with city and Jaipur.Agra-Jaipur tour package

If travellers are coming up with a visit to Jaipur since a protracted time though weren’t able to build a move owing to plan constraint. Well, Tour My Bharat is here to supply a visit to Jaipur and Pushkar for budget-conscious mortal World Health group is keen to ascertain a bunch of boxes off their traveling disarray list in one fell swoop. The trip begins in Delhi; additional, tourists are going to be transferred to a building wherever they’ll get to bear with the Rajasthan wealthy culture in noted monuments, museums, and galleries.Agra-Jaipur tour package

On the third day, travellers can visit Ajmer and Pushkar to hunt blessings of divinity. And on the fourth day, travellers are going to be transferred to Delhi for journey forrader. Devour delicious Rajasthani cuisine; waltz through Ajmer streets; leisurely walk the history-filled streets of Jaipur; all this and for a lot of maybe fully fledged by happening this trip. undergo the elaborate itinerary mentioned below and for additional details, decision the travel table .Agra-Jaipur tour package

Ranthambore parkland is understood worldwide for its tiger population and is taken into account by each wild lovers and photographers united of the simplest place in Republic of India to identify tigers. At one purpose, as a result of cooking and negligence, tigers became extinct at Sariska, however 5 tigers are resettled there.

City Palace Jaipur

Imagine a giant town right within the middle of the Jaipur! town palace is that the place wherever one will see forts, gardens, palaces, courtyards, etc. This place depicts the putting mix of Mughal and Rajasthan design. it is a Brobdingnagian complicated designed by Sawai Jai Singh II and occupies a minimum of the 1/7th portion of the Pink town.

City Palace holds a number of the famed places just like the Diwan-I-Khas, collection show at the Princess Palace and therefore the Baggi Khana, a repository of the Maharaja’s rides. Chandra Mahal and Mubarak Mahal incorporate superb layouts that one should not miss. The palace additionally homes a repository that includes a choose assortment of Rajasthani dresses, a desirable armory of Mughal and Hindoo weapons, swords of all shapes and sizes. This palace offers one an upscale insight into the bygone era; there square measure varied walls that square measure richly adorned with mirrors, murals and lattices.

The climate of Rajasthan

When it involves business enterprise, India may be a country with limitless opportunities. There area unit beaches, hills, valleys, passes, desert, plateaus, villages, metropolises – you name it, India has it. The climate of Rajasthan will be divided into four seasons Summer, Monsoon, Post-Monsoon and Winter.
Summer, that extends from April to June, is that the hottest season, with temperatures starting from thirty-two degrees C to forty-eight degrees C.The fourth season is Winter, from December to March. it is the best amount to go to Rajasthan. The best place to visit.Agra-Jaipur tour package

Deserts have since long exerted associate irresistible charm on the psyche of the humans, the landscape ennobling totally different emotions in numerous folks. And what higher thanks to exploring this charming realm than on an even-toed ungulate back, for an even-toed ungulate expedition is one in every of the foremost daring of experiences and so unique thanks to ‘discover’ the desert.Agra-Jaipur tour package

you’ll be able to see this within the method palaces are preserved as Heritage Hotels, the proud moustaches and colourful turbans sported by the boys and therefore the dance and music on read throughout the numerous fairs and festivals within the state The vital communities of Rajasthan square measure the Rajputs, Jats, Brahmans and therefore the traders. wherever you’ll be able to visit Hindu’s pilgrim’s journey, Heritage Havelis, Forts, Lakes and Desert etc and world known Pushkar honest.Agra-Jaipur tour package

Elephant pageant, Jaipur
Ever since the muse of Bikaner until its accession into the Indian Union in 1947 A.D. and there when it’s integration in Rajasthan state in 30-3-1949 A.D., Bikaner has competed for a distinguished role within the history of the country. Bikaner state has complete many ready Generals and warriors and distinguished Rulers and simply to call of few Raja Rai Singh Ji-One of Akbar’s most distinguished GeneralsThe elephant pageant gets current within the month of Phalgun (March) on the eve of Holi, the pageant of colors. The pageant begins with a procession of elephants, camels, horses and people dancers.Agra-Jaipur tour package


The busy very little market of Mandawa has several antique outlets that sell native handicrafts and antiques. Before buying something from these outlets, it’s higher to verify that it’s not been taken out from the havelis of the region. Export of antiques older than a hundred years is unlawful and may not be done, for the sake of saving the heritage of this region.Agra-Jaipur tour package

About Agra

This historical town stands two hundred metric linear unit south of latest Delhi, on the banks of watercourse Yamuna. Over 3 centuries agone, it had been a robust Mughal capital and therefore the most vital town of northern Bharat. it had been at this point that Agra’s several dateless beaux arts wonders were born: the tremendous mausoleum, the impressive Agra Fort, and therefore the sprawling Sikandara – a full town in itself.Agra-Jaipur tour package

By Air: Jaipur is that the closest installation from Sariska at a distance 107-km. The place is well connected by Indian Airlines flights from the urban centre (6:05, daily), Metropolis (15:30, daily) and concrete centre (15:45, daily). Jet Airways jointly connects metropolis and urban centre to Jaipur through daily flights.

Horse Expedition
‘Rajasthan’ – the land of the Rajputs, is understood for its kings, fearless warriors and charming girls. it’s conjointly famed for its forts, palaces and temples that square measure a reminder of the wonderful past. Kingdoms were sliced and established by the Rajputs on horseback, whereas swords were stained with enemy blood.

About Delhi

Delhi has seen the increase and fall of the many empires that have left behind an overplus of monuments that the grandeur and glory of bygone ages . A town that traces its history to Mahabharata, the good epic tale of wars fought between unloved cousins, the Kauravas and also the Pandavas for the town of Indraprastha.

Mughals dominated urban centre in succession ranging from Qutab-ubdin to Khiljis, Tughlaqs. the town of urban centre passed on to the hands of the country in 1803 AD. it absolutely was solely in 1911, once the capital of geographical area was shifted from urban centre to urban centre, that urban centre got its gift status. once independence conjointly, a sort of autonomy was given to the capital however it mostly remained a chief commissioners regime. In 1956 urban centre was reborn into a Union territory and bit by bit the chief commissioner was replaced by a Lt.

Governor. In 1991, the capital territory Act was gone along the parliament and a system of dyarchy was introduced below that, the electoral Government was given wide powers; except law and order that remained with the central Government. the particular social control of the legislation came in 1993.

Style of Design
The spot of Akbar, although Moslem in spirit, may be a mix of designs. The impressive entrance, use of exquisite patterns, wonderful jali work (intricately perforated ornamental stone screens), fine Persian vogue handwriting, the charbagh garden layout (four-quartered garden layout, with the most building at the centre), etc., area unit representative of Moslem influence. On the opposite hand, the absence of a dome, use of chhatris (small vaulted canopies, supported by pillars), tiers of ethereal pavilions, etc., mirror an area influence, that also are found within the buildings designed by Akbar in Agra Fort and therefore the deserted town of Fatehpur Sikri.

Rajasthan Paintings
Miniature Paintings : though miniature painting is most frequently related to Mughal art, it dates back several centuries in Asian nation wherever completely different designs developed. Yes, a serious modification a la mode occurred Mughal rulers came with Persian artists to Asian nation. so paintings in a very new, distinctive Mughal vogue came into existence.

Gemstone Paintings : The brighter colours area unit additional to varied Rajasthani paintings by the utilization of gem grinded finely. varied precious and semi precious stones area unit used for various colours in a very gem painting.

Phad Paintings : Par paintings depict incidents within the lives of the people hero-deities Pabuji and Devnarayan of Rajasthan. historically, {they area unit|they’re} accustomed accompany a ritual during which the heroes’ deeds are sung or recited by monks

Kajali Paintings : the gathering of Special Art of Rajasthan, that is completed by only a few folks in sure components of Rajasthan. each painting, made of black kajal and stone colours, needs in depth diligence and skilled hands.

Kishangarh Paintings : the foremost vital designs developed throughout 17th/18th century were in Mewar, Marwar, Ambal, Kishangarh, and Hadoti. The Kishangarh artists underneath the patronage of their rulers Raja Mansingh and Sawant Singh in seventeenth century painted the romantic miniatures supported the stories of Radha and Krishna.

Bani Thani Paintings : The Kishengarh faculty excels in its Bani Thani paintings. The originality of fashion is attributable to its royal patron – Raja Sawant Singh, additionally called script Das, United Nations agency was the conceiver of those paintings

Agra-Jaipur tour 5 days and 4 nights

.Here we have best deals for you from your nearby tour and travel agencies in the upcoming summer vacations. You can plan a tremendous trip with your family and friends to the two best locations that are Agra and Jaipur. It is a full 5 days plan you can enjoy with your family and friends. The centre of attraction during your trip in Agra includes Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Jama Masjid, Ram Bagh and many other places while during your trip to Jaipur you can enjoy the places including the Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Jaigarh Fort and many other places.

So without wasting your time you can contact to your nearby tour and travel agent, they have best deals and offers for the trip and you can choose any of them as per your budget and convenience. Hopefully, with such amazing trip plans, you can give the best surprise to your family and kids.

What you will enjoy Agra-Jaipur tour package

Once you started your journey you will go to Agra first, there are lots of places to enjoy but the main attraction will be the love symbol Taj Mahal and it is also famous all over the World as it is one of the seven wonders. This place is the most visited place in India by the visitors; every year tourists will come from various locations of the world to see it.simply fill within the inquiry variety of decision one among our travel knowledgeable to set up your vacation in Bharat.

The other places which you will enjoy during your trip include Agra Fort, this is another place in Agra which is famous as its significance was also important. Agra Fort is also known as the Lal Quila, Akbar used to live in this fort and ruled over his whole empire from there, some other places which you can see in this fort are Deewan-E-Aam, Shah Jahani Mahal, Macchi Bhavan, Nagina Masjid and many other places. When you visit this place that time you will come to know more details and facts of the history.

Agra is also famous for ‘Petha’, it is a sweet and approximately there are above than 200 varieties of it, sweet lovers used to carry them to their hometowns to distribute and enjoy. Some other place which you will see on your trip includes Sikandara, Jama Masjid, Ram Bagh, Mariam’s Tomb, Mehtab Bagh, Fatehpur Sikri and many other places. Your travel agents plan your trip in such a way so that you can enjoy each and every famous place of the locations, they will also suggest you the best places to take rest and eat food so that your comforts should be manageable during the whole trip. These two days in Agra will surely become your memorable days.

Last 3 days in Jaipur with lots of fun, adventures and enjoyment

During the second half of your trip, you will enjoy the best places in Jaipur. Jaipur is also famous as the pink city, there are many things which you will surely love like their culture, dance, food, fashion, language everything. Firstly during the third day, you will start the journey in Jaipur with the Hawa Mahal-Palace of Wind, this is the centre of attraction of Jaipur city and the marvellous architecture will surely attract you. Thousands of small windows make this Palace different from other Palaces and the visitors love these places during their trip.Agra-Jaipur tour package

 Some other places which you can enjoy in Jaipur include City Palace of Jaipur, Sheesh Mahal, Amber Fort, Jantar Mantar, Govind Devi Ji Temple, Birla Mandir Temple, Jai Garh Fort, Nahar Garh Fort and many other places. You can also enjoy the Folk dance of Rajasthan there, also their colourful dresses will attract you and they also enjoyed their dance performances as their culture is really amazing. You can also enjoy their food items like daal bati and many others during Agra-Jaipur tour package.

So this is all about which you will enjoy during your trip, and all this will comes true if you contact to your nearby tour and travel agent, get to know about their plans and packages and the facilities they will provide you and then plan as per your requirements and budgets. They usually have the facilities like the pick and drop facilities to the locations they are showing your, food items which you want as per your comforts, good hotels for rest, the guide to know well about the places and many other facilities. So make your coming summer vacations full of enjoyment and plan your trip.

Shalimar Garden : This Garden was engineered by Emepror Shah-Jehan for his beloved woman Nur-Jehan. The Garden has four terrace and is 539×182 meters and gets irrigate from Harwan through canal that is wrinkled with lovely fountains. The fourth patio was once reserved for royal girls. The Garden blooms with multitudinous varities of flowers in spring and autmn.

 Stay tuned with us on our website we will get back soon with some more amazing and adventurous places to enjoy.

  Itinerary Details

Day 01 : urban center (Arrival) –
Upon arrival in urban center, meet our tour representative who’ll escort you to the edifice pre-decided for your keep. keep long within the edifice.

Day 02 : urban center –
Today, fancy a full day looking at tour covering Laxmi Narayan Temple, Parliament House, India Gate, Red Fort, Jama house of worship, Humayun’s grave, Gandhi Memorial and Qutub Minar complicated. within the evening, take enjoyment of the ‘Dances of Republic of India Show’. keep long within the edifice.

Day 03 : urban center – metropolis –
Today, within the morning, leave by road for metropolis. Upon arrival in metropolis, check up on the edifice. Thereafter, fancy looking at tour of metropolis covering metropolis Fort, Itmad-Ud-Daulah and Taj Mahal. keep long within the edifice.

Day 04 : metropolis – Jaipur –
In the morning, leave by road for Jaipur. On the way, halt at Fatehpur Sikri, the abandoned Mughal city. The attractions you may cowl embody Jama house of worship, Jodha Tibeto-Burman Palace, Birbal Bhawan, Panch Mahal and also the Buland Darwaza. On reaching Jaipur, check up on the edifice for night keep.

Day 05 : Jaipur –
Today, within the morning, fancy AN elephant ride to Amber Fort. within the afternoon, take a road trip to the Jaipur town covering town Palace, Jantar Mantar, governor Sahab ki Haveli and also the native bazaars etc. Post looking at, come back to the edifice for night keep.

Day 06 : Jaipur – urban center –
Post breakfast within the morning, leave by road for urban center. Upon arrival in urban center, you may be transferred to the field to board flight for onward journey.

Agra-Jaipur tour package

Deal Inclusions:

  • Hotel accommodation during a Double/Twin normal Guest area
  • Buffet Breakfast daily at the building
  • All transfers and tours by non-public cool Sedan automobile
  • Personal English speaking guide for looking at excursions in every town
  • Cycle-rickshaw ride through the traditional bazaar of the previous town
  • embellished Horse Cart Ride to the mausoleum in the urban centre
  •  Elephant Ride failing automobile Ride at Amber Fort Palace in Jaipur
  • Representative for help in every subway town
  • Bottled water throughout looking at, day excursions and long drives
  • Road taxes, parking fee, fuel charges, interstate taxes
  • 24/7 on-tour help in the Asian nation

Deal Exclusions

International or Domestic fare (Internal flights average $100 every flight)
Personal Expenses (tips, porterage, phone, the internet, beverages)
Video Camera charges or skilled Still camera with stand
Travel insurance & Visa

Term and Conditions For 5 Night 6 Days Golden Triangle Tour

prise -: 290 $ per person

Payment Mode:

You can Visit our Netaji Subhash place Office from Monday to Saturday (10:30 am to 20:00 hrs) to make payment in cash, cheque or Demand Draft
Deposit Cash. If you want Buy Online, Then you have to pay 2.5% Extra processing Fee.

You can pay online here:

Bank Name: Central Bank Of India

Account Holder: Aastha Travels

Account Number: 00000003317430659

Branch: Vikash Minar, New Delhi

Pin code: 110002

IFSE Code: CBIN0281467


 Agra-Jaipur tour package

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